Spencer Park Transfer

March 4, 2010

Spencer Park has been around for many years. Today it consists of soccer and baseball fields. A few years ago the city received some funding from the National Park Service in order to purchase the land where the bathrooms are currently located. In order to honor the agreement that was made at that time we are required to keep at least that piece of property as a park. It will eventually be converted to a ‘kiddy park’ for small children, where parents can bring their little ones to play while waiting to pick up their school children.

As part of the agreement for the City and District to exchange property, we will be converting some of the current school site into replacement play fields comparable to what we now have at Spencer Park. The current thinking is to put a soccer field where the current middle/high school modulars are located. And then put softball/baseball fields where some of our existing buildings are located. We will be working with the Vernonia Parks Committee to develop a master plan for the use of the current school grounds as parks.


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