School as Community Center

May 10, 2010

We are seeking your input! I have often referred to our schools as the heart of the community. I would be interested in your ideas about how our new schools could better serve as a community center for Vernonia. We already have an effective after-school program, which we hope to expand, but what are some other things that you would like to see, classes, clubs, activities? Please let your imagination go and share with us the things that you would like to see in our future schools. We can’t make them happen if we don’t know what we are working towards and now is the ideal time in the design process to make minor changes to accommodate new ideas.


  1. David Spackman says:

    I’d like to see at least one of our community gardens located at the school. We have lots of local people in the master gardener program and they are required to volunteer hours. This would be a great after school program for kids. It would be fantastic if we could have a greenhouse to do things during the winter months as well. I’ve managed a greenhouse and taught a horticulture program and would be willing to assist in this in any way that I can.


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