PCC Students Help Landscape New School

March 22, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day found Vernonia School District students and staff working with Portland Community College students and community leaders to plant new landscaping plants in the front of our new K-12 school. This event marked the culmination of the work of 40 PCC landscape architecture students who designed part of the exterior grounds for the new schools. The best two designs by the PCC students were chosen and the students, with some help from a couple of Vernonia Middle School students, began installing plants as specified in two plans.

This is another example of one of the many partnerships that the Vernonia School District has fostered with the help of the Oregon Solutions Vernonia Project. Many thanks to the PCC students and their professors who spent the entire day last Saturday working on a significant part of the landscaping for our new schools. See attached photo.

I would also like to thank Aaron Miller, for being the key facilitator in the District for this project, and Ashley Rogers, for helping to coordinate getting our students to attend. Both of these staff members helped with the planting, Aaron spending all day on site.


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