Oregon Natrual Resource Center/Institute

March 8, 2010

About the same time we learned about the option of getting FEMA to buy-out our buildings (early December 2009) it was suggested that we look for ways to establish a cooperative relationship with Oregon’s higher education community. We have had them at the table since Oregon Solutions was originally formed, but now there was a new incentive.
If we establish an Oregon Natural Resources Center, that includes college level science labs, so graduate students and professors would have a place to do lab work right here in the forest, we might be able to get some economic development funds to support the project. It was suggested that there might be as much as $1.5 million available if the project was a collaborative effort and provided the potential for local, regional and statewide economic development.
The new Center will provide a staging ground for developing a renewable forest products economy for future generations. Opportunities for workforce development and entrepreneurial advancement will include woody biomass production, the creation of renewable water and wastewater treatment technologies, and training in sustainable building trades.


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