Keeping it Local: Dwayne Cowells, Foreman, Cascade Acoustics

May 9, 2011

Dwayne, a Vernonia resident, has worked for Cascade Acoustics for 21 years. As the foreman on the Vernonia School project, he will oversee the construction of the interior walls and ceilings, which includes metal framing, sheetrock, acoustic panels, and lathe and plaster work. Cascade Acoustics owner, Brent Fulbright, says their workload has dropped off 60% and the Vernonia School is a “huge project” for the company. Cascade Acoustic’s work on the Vernonia School will take about nine months to complete and keep a number of people, including Dwayne, employed. Dwayne says, “We have four kids, who have attended or will attend schools in Vernonia. While our family was not affected by the floods, I got my boys together and we helped the Senior Center and friends get through it. I have a lot personally invested in the project. It makes it nice to be involved in building my kids’ school.” YOu can view the viedo by cutting and pasting the folloowing link:


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