Keeping Dollars Local

January 10, 2011

The following information has been provided to the District by P&C Construction:
While keeping costs down and delivering the most building for the money is our top priority, we’ve worked just as hard to keep dollars in the community. We’re pleased that the general contractor, P&C Construction, has partnered with a number of local firms on the project, including:
• Fischer Rock Quarry, a local aggregate company, is supplying over $200,000 in aggregate, transported by locally owned dump trucks
• Vernonia resident, Matt Clark, is the foreman for Heinz Mechanical, which is installing the mechanical systems.
• KLS Surveying, a Vernonia company, has helped prepare the site for over a year.
• Vernonia resident, Dwayne Cowells, a 21-year veteran of Cascade Acoustics, will oversee construction of the interior walls and ceilings, including metal studs, drywall and acoustical ceilings.
• Hillsboro-based Crestview Construction is grading the land for construction.
• Vernonia-based Gwin and Sons Logging is handling the stump removal. Other Columbia County businesses include Weller Brothers, Dennis Electric and Hudson Portable Toilets.

This job has meant not laying someone off for KLS Surveying. Many businesses have reported 35 – 50% reduction in work since the recession. All subcontractors are encouraged to buy locally, helping to boost our economy.


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