Construction Progress Report #6

August 8, 2011

The school’s heating system will include a 50,000 gallon tank that will be buried between the two west wings of the building. This tank is currently on its way from Montana with a delivery date of August 12th. The excavation team is scrambling to get the hole dug in time for tank. The tank, which measures 61’ x 12’, will need a hole over 20’ deep, 67’ long, and18’ wide. Digging such a large hole next to the building makes it a very challenging excavation. A crane will be onsite to unload the tank. The tank will be lifted off the truck, set down onto a sand bed, and then rotated 90 degrees, before placing it into the hole.

The purpose of the tank is to absorb the cooler ground temperatures and pump cold water through the hydronic piping in the concrete floors during hot months. This will be the “Air Conditioning” for the building.


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