Construction Progress Report #5

May 27, 2011

The tilt panels are concrete walls that are formed and poured on the ground. These are often done in stacks since there is more surface area in the exterior walls than floor slab. This requires us to form a tilt panel with wood, place rebar, and pour concrete. We do this process again on top of that tilt panel. In sector c (the gym) we have walls stacked 3 high. Each stack takes around a week to complete the process. It is important that all electrical, plumbing, and mechanical equipment is placed into these tilt panels around the rebar before the concrete is poured. It’s a one shot chance, so there is lots of planning involved between all the trades.
This week we had 3 concrete pours. The last of the footings in sector b (kitchen/commons), some tilt panels in the classrooms, and the last 1st floor slab.


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