Construction Progress Report #3

May 13, 2011

The concrete for the main gym’s tilt panels has been poured. Parker Verhaeghe of P&C Construction describes the process as follows, “Tilt panels are walls that are formed and casted on the building slabs, and then erected later, becoming the building walls. In just a few days in late June or early July, 100 panels will be erected, and it will look the whole building shell was built in a week. It’s like building a card house.” The critical thing while this is happening is that each panel must be designed and formed up to include the conduit and openings necessary for all of the electrical and plumbing outlets inside and out. As part of the design process the District authorized the use of silicon form liners for these tilt panels that will make finishing the outside of the concrete easier and give a horizontal finish to the concrete. These liners will be used primarily on the front facing south and east walls.


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