Construction Progress Report #14

January 25, 2012

I visited the site earlier this week and they continue to make amazing progress. The west wing classrooms are painted and the cabinetry is being installed. I am attaching a photo of the elementary hallway storage units that have already been installed. The open space above the storage cubbies will be a window to let additional light into the classroom. We will even have a couple of sinks in the hallway for art projects and if you look close you can see in the far left of the picture the color around the door into the classroom.

The majority of the sheetrock is in and they are installing the stair treads for the main stairs between the two floors. When Oregon Solutions met earlier this month it was suggested that the grand opening be held during the third week in August. We will keep you posted on the entire summer’s events as we may need your help in making the move up to the new campus.


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